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Chakra Soap

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Each glycerine soap is colour-coded with corresponding essential oils and a matching keepsake prosperity gemstone. Get clean and raise your vibration all in one. Ingredients: Contains glycerin. No animal testing.

Red Root Chakra: Grounding • Courage • Protection

The Red Root Chakra Soap will help build courage and inner confidence and stimulate your life energy.
Includes Essential Oils of: Ylang Ylang & Benzoin.
Includes a Red Tiger's Eye Gemstone.

Orange Sacral Chakra: Happiness • Joy • Humour
The Orange Sacral Chakra Soap will help bring enjoyment to your day and strengthen your appetite for life.
Includes Essential Oils of: Blood Orange & Tangerine.
Includes a Carnelian Gemstone.

Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra: Focus • Self-Confidence • Optimism
The Yellow Solar Plexus Chakra Soap will help cleanse and uplift your spirit, as well as initiate positive thoughts.
Includes Essential Oils of: Litsea Cubeba & Rosemary.
Includes a Yellow Tiger's Eye Gemstone.

Green Heart Chakra: Love • Compassion • Peace
The Green Heart Chakra Soap will help cleanse and balance your energy, giving you a feeling of renewal.
Includes Essential Oils of: Spearmint & Lime.
Includes an Aventurine Gemstone.

Blue Throat Chakra: Trust • Communication • Loyalty
The Blue Throat Chakra Soap will evoke a peaceful feeling as it soothes and relaxes nervous tension.
Includes Essential Oils of: Peppermint & Rosalina.
Includes a Sodalite Gemstone.

Indigo Brow Chakra: Meditation • Intuition • Empathy
The Indigo Brow Chakra Soap will help enhance intuition and induce a deeper understanding in all that is.
Includes Essential Oils of: Patchouli & Frankincense.
Includes an Amethyst Gemstone.

Violet Crown Chakra: Inspiration • Higher Wisdom • Creativity
The Violet Crown Chakra Soap will help to strengthen creativity and deepen your spiritual connection.
Includes Essential Oils of: Lavender & Palo Santo.
Includes a Gemstone of Clear Quartz Crystal.

Turquoise Thymus Chakra: Faith • Tranquility • Patience
The Turquoise soap will help connect your heartfelt feelings to your communication abilities.
Includes Essential Oils of: Clary Sage & Lime.
Includes a Gemstone of Amazonite.

Pink Cosmic Chakra: Love • Connection • Healing
The Pink soap will help amp up your love vibe, by charging your aura with universal light.
Includes Essential Oils of: Palmarosa & Helichrysum.

Includes a Gemstone of Pink Rose Quartz Crystal.

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