My name is Denise Blashko and I am the creator of SPRINGS & spirals – Leadership & Personal Development Program for Youth.  I have played a lot of competitive sports and been fortunate to have been on teams that always had coaches, managers and mentors to help develop my skills and to perform at higher levels.  The sports teams I played on were lucky enough to have had experienced coaches, nutritionists and sports psychologists to share their knowledge so that we had everything we needed to set us up for success.  The companies in my early career all had Human Resource departments that made Leadership and Continuous Training & Improvement a part of their culture.  I am very thankful for all those opportunities. 

As I got older I played less competitive sports and became a competitive coach and mental trainer as I saw the significant difference a coach and mentor can make in an athlete’s life.  I was and am driven to continuously learn about high-performance and the power and importance of the mind and having strategy, goals and a vision for achieving success – for sports, for work, for life.   My education includes a Psychology Degree, Human Development Certificate from Erickson College along with many years of coaching, leadership and health and wellness training.

Now that I am a mother and an aunty, I am excited to be able to bring together my continuing education, experience and passion for coaching and personal development to our children & youth.  It has become even more clear and important to me that we create regular and ongoing opportunities for all children to develop life and the so-called soft skills.  Not just when they are in sports – not just when they get their first jobs and have an HR Department – not just when they get attention because they may be underperforming or having difficulties – and not just when they are showing natural leadership traits.  Everyone can benefit from early and regular exposure to coaching and personal development.

The words high performance and leadership sometimes makes people think that it is not for them because they are not athletes or leaders or their children aren’t like that either.  As Robin Sharma’s fabulous book “The Leader Who Had No Title” shares with us, we need leaders in all corners of our world.  Leadership skills are for everyone – to do the right thing – to watch out for others – to inspire positive action in others – to be intrinsically motivated.  Our programs are all about coaching and helping youth to be intentional in their days, have purpose, make good decisions and to choose to be happy. 

Daycares, schools, sports programs and us as parents and mentors all do a GREAT job of teaching our children.  Reality is that we don’t always get dedicated time to slow down and really help our children to flex certain muscles.  SPRINGS & spirals programs help to solidify what is already being taught in our schools and by parents.  Layering the good stuff is vital to ensuring that the information and skills are there when they need it.  Our programs give the kids a sense of belonging in a fun club-like setting and allows them to grow their connections and learn about life and soft skills from a different voice.  (We all know as parents and teachers – that we can share something with our child or student several times and they don’t listen or hear you!)  

The world is changing so fast and technology and automation are playing a significant role in our lives. Both good and not so good – especially for our younger children.  Leadership, values, independent thinking, decision making, self-awareness, emotional control, and resiliency are becoming significantly more important.  Coaching, wellness and life skills should be a larger part of our lives and our everyday learning – at ALL ages, on an ongoing basis.  Especially for our children. 

Please don’t be shy about connecting – let me know your thoughts, challenges and questions.