Mind Your H.E.N.S.

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This is a very simple mantra and health & wellness tracking system that we use in our Young Leaders Personal Development Programs.  Hydration. Exercise. Nutrition. Sleep.  How much clean water did you drink today?  How much movement did you get? Did you fuel your body with good food? How was your sleep – did you get enough hours based on your personal need? 

Yes it is basic and yes it is simple – but it is such a foundational piece to health & wellness and it is surprising how many of us struggle with it.  The HENS are cute and it works well for kids but I also challenge you as an adult to try it out as well.   Share it with your kids and family, friends and co-workers. Be aware of and track these daily habits & routines for a few weeks and notice how you feel & how you experience your days.  Life is busy and some days just melt and you may be surprised that in a whole week you only drank a few glasses of water or your sleep is suffering.  We don’t need anyone telling us that we won’t be able to perform well or enjoy healthy, happy days if we continue to do that.  Never mind the troubles it could be causing for our long term health!

Download the tracking sheet and coaching page to go along with it!

Alter this to fit where you are at and what works and will inspire your family. Example if you are generally trying to see if you make healthy food choices then go ahead and use happy faces on your tracking sheet whenever you make good choices. If you trying to eat more vegetables then use that at your target and mark down a carrot whenever you eat veggies. Or make your target 5 veggies a day and just mark a number down at the end of the day.


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